Flight of Sound

by Tim York

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These sound meditations are an undiscovered gem. Such delicacy and at the same time such penetration. At the end my matter, my body, is silently singing. These sessions take sound to a profound dimension that I do not know exist elsewhere
Juliana Wright

Tim, I love your music! Well done you. I'm impressed and glad to have it in my collection. I'm sure I'll use it teaching. 
It's eclectic, original, evocative, trancy in the non-generic use of the word. I love the mix of tonal qualities and unusual harmonies you've used. Feel free to quote me! 
Adam Barley, Five Rhythms teacher

I quite often search for good quality ambient music to help me relax or meditate. When Tim sent me his music it was as if he'd sensed my need and produced exactly what my soul needed to hear.
Ben Lowrey

Excellent ceremonial and ambient grooves.
Your CD is sooo amazing!
Sean Hamman

Thank you for your beautiful music last night Tim.
I absolutely love your album!
I've used it for personal meditation practice as well as massage therapy.
Takes me to other places! Very profound.
Sharon Quartz

So enjoyed your soundscape music..
Vincent Rymer

Tim just sitting at the rec center before I play for some yoga classes tonight listening to the album samples.. E P I C !! really enjouying it alot - well done, my friend.
Marcus Fung

Great CD
Joss Jago Holmes

Magical Music. Pure Alchemy and Mystery
Guillermo Acha

I enjoyed every minute of this CD!
Roula Edward Azzi Page

How Nice, Tim - You know how to get the best out of the Kalimba, Jaw Harp and other Percussion Instruments indeed...love it...
Sanj Hall

So exquisite Tim....I am so sound sensitive and some music i just cant listento but this is divine and took me into lovely visions !
Theresa Matthew

Tim this is beautiful and serene ~ transports you. my daughter Bella who is 5 walked in while I was listening and said "Is this Tinkerbell?" so you have transported her to the places of her heart as well. Love and Joy to you
Illuminations of Gaia

Amazing Album
Jamie Brazil

Lovely Music
Teya K Estar

Thank you, Tim - transporting and transcending
Vincent Rymer

Great album
George Mensink

Wonderful sounds - cant resist getting it!!
Mary Kersey

Your music brings me into the 'now' and gives me pure joy. Amazing music!
Padmashree Ramananda

Beautiful and Trancy - I like it a lot!
Alicja Eiliakas

Congratulations Tim, on a great album
Pauline McCrann

Your music is incredible - amazing sounds!
Johnny Seagull

Thank you Tim, for showering our planet with healing frequencies...
Philippe Garnier

Flight of Sound is such a magical album.
Zarko Almuli

Wow, just excellent - thank you
Anne Widmer

I am listening to your tracks. Lovely. Thank you for sharing your inner wisdom through the sound!
Shira Hunt

Wonderful music, thank you
Felicity Cook

I am fully enjoying your tracks. Just beautiful.
Vibrationally Sound

Beautiful blissful sounds Tim, thanks for bringing them into the world.
Shivani Sarah Fox

Tim's music is deep, rich and crazy powerful, charged with energy. I love
his album Flight of Sound to guide me through my yoga and meditation
sessions: it is the perfect vehicle for a trip into my deepest layers.
Tim's music meets me where I am, as if written for me here and now. It can
be earth, fire, water and airŠ it can transform, takes different shapes,
textures, colorsŠ it is alive. This is what I call magic.
Sonia Ribas

Fantastic music, Tim - keep up the good work.
Carl Smith

Your music is wonderful, Tim
Uzaznara Zednanref

Lovely, sounds like Indonesian gamelan!
Joy Light

Love This
Zijdecreatie Edine-Viviane Jots

Song of heaven is my ultimate ceremony track, thank you!
Sean Perrins

Tim, you sure are a sound alchemist. Just the one song already helped to shift me. Im truly sorry I couldnt afford to pay you more than the minimum now. You deserve so much more money for this. Bless your soul.
Nattaniah Kuhn


released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Tim York Dursley, UK

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